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Coming Clean: Hair


Coming Clean is a new blog series I am starting in which I will share different ways my family and I are attempting to cut out unnecessary/unhealthy chemicals and foods from our household, accompanied by mine and my husband’s and our children’s reactions, opinions, and possible suggested variations.

Today’s post is about hair.

After being completely disappointed for over 15 years with how oily my hair is, and with much encouragement from dear friends Meredith and Jennie and The Internet, I decided to try the No-Poo Method.

I read a few different blogs and found that basically they all said the same thing (as far as No-Poo goes) so now I am going to be yet another redundant blogger. But, that is okay.

1. I measure out 2tbsp of baking soda and add 16oz of warm water. The first time, I measured out 16oz (2cups) of water into a cup from the kitchen sink to know exactly where the water line should be and made the rookie mistake of using cold water. It was SO cold on my head!

2. I use 1.5tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and 16oz of water (same size cup because then I don’t have to measure the water). I also add 2 drops of an essential oil – jasmine or lavender are my preferences so far – to make sure no ACV smell is left after I rinse.


3. Once I’m in the shower, I wet my hair. Then, I take the baking soda cup and fill the water to where I know 16oz should be. It will look cloudy. I start pouring at the roots all over my hair by separating with one hand and pouring with the other. I also make a massaging motion just like I would for shampoo. It won’t lather, but you will notice your hair changing from oily to smooth feeling. I pour onto my roots again and again all over until all of my roots are covered. Then I massage my roots with both hands. I leave it on another minute or so and then rinse.

4. I take the Apple Cider Vinegar cup and fill to 16oz. I pour it on my hair and massage a bit, especially at the ends of my hair where it tends to knot. I leave it for a minute or so and then rinse.


After my shower, when my hair is just damp, I put a couple more drops of an essential oil in my hands and scrunch it into my hair. This method of washing and conditioning has left my hair feeling so full, smooth and looking shinier and healthier than it ever has. It is also – MAGIC! – not as oily as it used to be.

I have been told for most people it takes two weeks for their hair to balance out and during that time their hair is lookin’ pretty oily and otherwise blah. Perhaps because (even when shampooing and conditioning) I only washed my hair a few times a week my hair didn’t take long to adjust. I have not suffered with extra oil at all since starting the No-Poo method. My hair seems to have taken to it with much relief. It smells fantastic, too!


Also, I want to thank my friend Meredith for coming up with a couple variations of title for this method:

– New ‘Do Method
– Best Tress Method

Do you have any variations? I think it’s a legitimate discussion, at the very least. Who wants to spark thoughts of feces every time you bring up why your hair is looking so luscious? Not me!



2 comments on “Coming Clean: Hair

  1. Brittney Stasi
    March 21, 2014

    I have been wanting to do this and I am def going to now!! Thank you for sharing! AND I love this new series that you are doing and can’t wait to read more and follow in your foot steps 🙂 Love you!

    • Maeve
      May 14, 2014

      Thank you, friend! Coming soon is a homemade deodorant post! Stay tuned. xoxo

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