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this little lady has learned how to play peek-a-boo and has started walking since i last posted anything.

we are all so very proud of her. the older kids tell her what a great job she’s doing and they love to see her walking toward them to offer them a hug or a kiss. she’s pretty rough also, so i often have to remind her that we kiss or hug and not hit. she tends to think i’m funny.

we are having such a special and fun time with her. these days are flying by too quickly.






One comment on “A LITTLE NUGGET

  1. sonworshiper
    January 8, 2014

    My little one, 3 yrs old, has jumped into talking after a while of being quiet (since 3 older siblings were doing all the talking for him). What precious moments these are, and how fleeting! Our oldest is a dreaded TEENAGE GIRL, and our oldest son just turned 13. So… pray for me maybe.
    Love seeing your updates with your wee ones.

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