Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


20131029-111338.jpg yesterday, the kids had off from school because of a teacher workday so one of Blaise’s friends came over for the day to play. i took them to brittlebank park and we made our way to the fishing dock after a bit to look at the water and see if we could spot fish or shrimp and hear the birds. one of the fisherman told us he leaves some shrimp out on the dock for the birds to eat.

the rain was a light sprinkle the whole time which was not unpleasant. they had so much fun tossing the snails back into the water that busy or careless fisherman leave behind after they collect their intended catch from the nets.



the boats passing by made the floating dock somewhat of a ride for us and the kids cackled as they kept their footing firm.

the birds were calling to each other from atop the posts of the dock; most likely discussing us. we wished they would stay but just as soon as we inched forward to look at their shiny backs a bit closer they would fly off and wait in a nearby tree until we moved away once more.


hesper loved watching her siblings and friend. she would smile when they smiled and giggle when they laughed. she kept wanting me to set her down so she could pick up the snails like they were, but her hands did not intend to throw them back as the others’ were. everything goes into her mouth these days, of course.

although i had an extra child to take care of, it was somewhat like a day off for me in a lot of ways. the kids tend to play more imaginatively and be less dependent upon me when they have friends around.


our little nature outing brought some much-needed peace to my monday mind.




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