Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


this sweet girl of mine is getting so old so quickly. i can’t believe she is already thirteen months old.


this weekend we finished she and her big sister’s room – hanging pictures and paintings; rearranging their furniture; setting up little nooks, bookshelves, and special areas for play and imagination.


i really love that they have each other. it will be so sweet to witness their friendship grow and blossom into a source of comfort and encouragement and truth to nurture their hearts for a lifetime.



2 comments on “CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

  1. Valerie
    October 27, 2013

    Such lovely photos! Having a sister sure is a blessing! 😀 I have three!!

    • Maeve
      October 27, 2013

      I have one sister and two sisters-in-law. it’s a great time! thanks for stopping by and commenting! xo

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