Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


tuesday, i arrived at the school to pick blaise and posie up. they were walking to the car and i saw that posie was crying and blaise looked concerned.

her assistant teacher was walking toward me and said, “i think posie is feeling a little under the weather.”

needless to say, after having a fever that afternoon and puking a few times before bed, she didn’t go to school wednesday. but we still had to take blaise to school and i needed to grab a couple things from the store.

she asked for a gum ball and i told her she could get one. she said she wanted the pink one. i told her it will give her whatever color comes out first. again, she said she wanted the pink one. i said, “ok, but you can’t pick which color you want… it will pick the color for you, remember?” she said, “ok.”

not only did she feel better wednesday morning after eating some toast but it was also her lucky day!


^hard to chew for a little mouth!




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