Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


the past three seasons, derrick has taken control of the vegetable garden in the backyard. i have had my hands full just keeping house, tending to homework for blaise, shuttling our two oldest back and forth between school and home and play dates, and nurturing our youngest, hesper. full time job plus some, going on over here.

he recently bought some seeds to plant for winter. we are just now seeing the sprouts from those spring up. carrots, brussels sprouts, peppers, radishes, turnips, broccoli, kale, and winter squash. we also have a pecan tree in our back yard which produces every other year and this is the second time we will have lived in this house for a yielding year. i am really looking forward to showing you all the different things we have planned for our pecans!

i love seeing derrick’s hard work yield so vigorously a potential harvest. it satisfies his soul (autocorrect tried to change “soul” to “soil” — fitting!) and intrigues our palates and fills our bellies. growing your own food (if even a small portion) feels so affirming.




1. the pepper plants.
2. the beautiful ivy along the side fence.
3. the vegetables derrick is currently germinating which he will soon transplant into the larger vegetable boxes.
4. the pecans have already started falling from the tree!

it makes me want to move out to the country and grow as much of my own food as i can; live off the land; be as independent as possible.

but then i remember how much i love the restaurants we frequent and the shenanigans we indulge in with friends on the regular, and growing only a portion of our food seems quite perfect after all!

do you have a vegetable garden? what do you grow for the summer? what do you grow for the winter?



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