Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


now that the kids have started school, we are on a strict schedule in the evenings. the kids and i get home from pick-up around 3:15 each day and they have a snack.

at 4, it’s time for blaise to start homework and for posie to play with hesper while i start dinner and clean up whatever i didn’t have time for while hesper and i were at home earlier during the day.

at 5, it’s time for dinner and family time!

at 6, blaise finishes homework if he didn’t get a chance to earlier. if he already finished homework, then we go on a walk!

at 6:30, it’s time for pajamas and brushing teeth! (unless it’s friday. on friday we skip brushing teeth as a treat for their hard work and good attitudes with brushing throughout the rest of the week.)

at 7, it’s time to be in their rooms to read (posie, to be read to) and relax.

at 7:30, lights out and kisses goodnight!

here are a few pictures from one of our evening walks this week.









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