Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


this might seem melodramatic but i have just begun to realize the inevitable day on which i will have to say goodbye to my fleurette is fast approaching. not goodbye forever; never forever. but that day that she starts her school career for the rest of her life (until she chooses) and she is no longer mine in the mornings and afternoons. (obviously nothing is permanent, and i may, one day, have her back home with me for school. but for now, she is heading out of the home for school.)

those oh-so-precious times that we think of things to do to pass the time; take our walks around the neighborhood; buy special treats to share while blaise is in school having treats we won’t partake of; pick out hesper’s clothes for the day, together; watch a movie; visit friends; cuddle; relax.

most of these are things that are daily activities and these are the things i will miss. i will miss seeing her experience life’s different mysteries and activities and sights for the first time. there are so many more she has to learn and to see and most of those will come in the form of education at school.

i won’t only miss these things

i will miss her.

so, here’s to the nights and weekends when she’s mine again.





posie, i love you. remember what mama’s taught you and have fun.



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