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this weekend my family and i have been in myrtle beach with derrick’s family. we haven’t all been together since our trip to disney in the spring. derrick’s family is so generous and loving to all of us, and patient with the kids. blaise and posie love pawpaw and grandma’s “beach house”. soon, hesper will too.

the beach house is a place where we eat dessert every night (and treats throughout the day!), three to four meals a day, watch a ridiculous amount of tv (it’s cable, we don’t have it at home!), and spend time in the land of “remember when”. so many laughs are had with this group. ❤

here are a few pictures:










2 comments on “MYRTLE BEACH

  1. Brittney Stasi
    August 6, 2013

    Those two pictures of you and Hesper! Oh my heart!!

    • Maeve
      August 6, 2013

      awww thank you, britt!!! she’s such a dream! xo

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