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…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.

15-22/100 DAYS OF SUMMER

15. Them. Posie and Poppi have a living room sleepover when the grandparents visit.


16. 10am. At 10am I walked into my room and found Hesper sitting up in her bed for the first time! Time to lower it. 😳


17. Happy. Happy garden!


18. Morning. Almost done with Derrick’s Father’s Day present!


19. Myself. and #trixiethecat


20. Here. Blueberry picking at Ambrose Family Farm!


21. Favo(u)rite. 2/3 of my favorite children.


22. Little. Little, brown sausages.





3 comments on “15-22/100 DAYS OF SUMMER

  1. Brittney Stasi
    June 27, 2013

    Haddie loves Posie’s name and that her and her brother love each other and read books together! We can’t wait to see you all!!

    • Maeve
      June 27, 2013

      it’s going to be such a fun time!!!!! we can’t wait to see you guys. xo

    • Maeve
      July 26, 2013

      Haddie is so sweet. I love how much she and her siblings love each other! xo

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