Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


this summer i have decided to participate in a project that my friend han stoney (thethinks) started last summer. this year, she invited others to join in her prompts from which we take pictures of our lives based on the daily prompts from may 25 to september 1.

it’s ambitious of me to undertake such a thing considering i will have three children all day long all summer, but i know that will also cut down on the monotony. this project will help me get out of the daily routines that box us in because how many different pictures can i possibly take inside a 900sq ft apartment or at the beach?

every saturday i will write a new blog post of the pictures i’ve taken from the previous seven days.

if you don’t want to wait that long, you can view all of my daily pictures via my instagram (maevesiobhan) or if you want to view everyone’s pictures who upload to instagram you can search the hashtags: #100daysofsummer or the daily word prompting followed by thinks100, ie. #lingerthinks100, #redthinks100, etc.

here are my first 7/100 —
1. linger

2. red — wherein my life source resides.

3. where no cars go

4. high noon

5. blue — fingernails.

6. quiet

7. sometimes


if you would like to follow via instagram, the next seven days’ prompts are:
8. Hello, My Old Heart
9. Now
10. Here
11. Favorite
12. Precious Possession
13. After All
14. You

remember, the hashtags are the word prompts followed by thinks100, ie. #hellomyoldheartthinks100.


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