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…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.



it’s been a while, my friends and passersby. i will just jump right back in, okay?

this week is the last full week of school for blaise. today he was awarded a gift card to a book store because he accumulated the highest reading points in his class over the last nine weeks. proud mama!

posie had her first experience in a classroom setting at a Montessori school in the neighborhood. she is really excited about school but is dealing with some anxiety as well. i have been conscientious to remind her of how much fun she will have in school.

hesper continues her progress with teething and moving about. one day those teeth will pop through! i feel as though it will all happen at once – she will wake up and have sprouted those teeth and start crawling. mark my words!

derrick and i had our ninth wedding anniversary this week. which means also that we’ve known each other for ten years (yes, we didn’t waste any time). i still don’t feel old enough to have a boyfriend sometimes, let alone a husband and three kids!

here are some pictures from our week:









1. beauty queen.
2. monday i took them to two fountains downtown that they’re allowed to play in. dream come true for kids!
3. blaise sitting on one of the marble spouts.
4. hesper sitting in the cave at the library.
5. some japanese lanterns that my mom bought for me.
6. hesper loves me.
7. and her ducky.
8. they get along so much better when we’re out and about.



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