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i went to new york city.
here’s how this played out:

a few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with the news that he was taking us to new york city! i’d never been there before but have always (like most of the world) wanted to visit and see times square and go shopping and just be in new york. he said it was anniversary/mother’s day/father’s day and that is great with me!

lucky for us, we have a good friend who lives in brooklyn and she offered for us to stay with her! her generosity made it possible for this to happen. let me tell you!

hesper was a complete and utter dream baby on the trip. she loved strolling around the city and being outside! she would fall asleep when she got tired; eat when she was hungry; fuss only if we stood still too long (which wasn’t often) — she was a gem!

we saw the strangest people; the gaudiest; the nakedest; the hippest; the rich; the poor and the beautiful.

we saw a city of culture. it made me miss having a family member in the military — you meet so many diverse peoples that way!

derrick and i saw each other. having only a baby around and not having our daily life – job, housework, homework, playtime with the kids – to “do”, made it possible for many more conversations to take place. and i love conversations.

i saw so many things i can barely remember half of them. but these are the three that stuck out which are all located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Mast Brothers




their chocolate is some of the most delicious chocolate i have ever had! if you ever get a chance to try their chocolate and it’s fairly fresh, you will not be disappointed!






Tørst is the offspring of Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø – aka Evil Twin Brewing – and chef Daniel Burns. each and every thing that we tried was delicious, but i’m partial to the No. 9 Grappa (a Belgian, of course).

Milk and Roses







Milk and Roses is a quiet little piece of magic. they are currently changing their menu but from what i saw, they serve Italian or Italian-inspired fare and it’s quite fairly priced also.

Here are a few more pictures from our weekend:






1. our kind and generous and ever-so-lovely (and drop-dead gorgeous!) host, Miss @le_mos herself. check her out on instagram! she makes high-quality jewelry. i literally love everything she makes.
2. she took me to Pearl River Market in search of a tea cup. that’s where i bought goodies for the kids and new chopsticks for us!
3. a view of the big city from long island city.
4. i couldn’t pass up a picture of this magic hat!
5. the lovely wait-staff from Milk and Roses gave these stickers to hesper.

*stay tuned for pictures of the goodies i bought on our trip in a future post.



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  1. sandy
    May 10, 2013

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Maeve
      July 26, 2013

      thanks for visiting! xo

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