Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


lately, i have been obsessed with flowers — flowering trees, flowering plants, flowers, floral prints on clothes and shoes. i used to work at a flower shop when i was a senior in high school and fell in love with them. since that time i’ve always tried to have flowers around me.

i don’t always get to buy them for the house because they can be expensive and i’d often rather buy a treat for all of us — like icecream or cookies — than something that won’t last (not that treats last for long around here). if i find any in the wild posie (my four year old daughter) and i usually pick some to bring home.

for the past year or so, since we got a trader joe’s near us, i have begun again to buy flowers because they are pretty reasonably priced.

if i had to pick a favorite, it would be tulips. my sister even calls me tulip. ❤

flowers help me write better. nature in general inspires me, but flowers help me calm and tap into my creativity.

here are the flowers that have been around me recently.











1. my kitchen nook.
2. the window in our living room.
3. in germany, at epcot.
4. our neighborhood garden park.
5. preparing cut flowers for a vase.
6. flowering trees on the walk to the beach.
7. my lovely breakfast!
8. a flower posie picked for me.
9. my own little fleur, practicing her name — posie.
10. sometimes, my children leave toys around and they make for a great picture.

what inspires you?



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