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lately, i’ve been taking some time out of our busy week to assign to posie in regards to her preparation for preschool. she is very smart and picks up (and picks up on) things so quickly; sometimes i forget, or in haste choose not, to be as deliberate with her pre-school learning as i was with blaise’s.

many of you who know her have remarked on how well she speaks, the words she chooses to use, and how much detail she gives about things (even about her emotions), but i don’t want her to be ill-prepared for the academic side of preschool — colors, shapes, seasons, numbers, letters, and spelling her name (not necessarily writing it, though she has begun doing that thanks to our friend whom we will refer to on this blog as Momdrea).

i know posie will breeze through the academic side of things quickly at home (she can count to 20 and beyond with only a little help remembering the number seventeen, knows all her colors, can say her ABC’s and has begun to recognize letters); but what i have also begun preparing her for is being social. she has such a hard time talking to people when she feels shy — which is 60% of the time. once she gets over it, she won’t stop talking but she generally has to be physically* or verbally persuaded to interact at times.

*physically: taking her hand and giving someone a high-five with her hand for her. or giving her a gentle nudge when she really wants to give someone a hug or talk to them but just can’t quite force herself to go that far.

a few months ago, i began talking with her ahead of time when i knew she would soon be put in a situation in which she’d be expected to interact. i would explain to her why people were going to be talking to her; asking her questions; expecting things from her; why it was reasonable for her to answer them; and how they would feel if she ignored them.

she told me she just “feels shy sometimes”. i explained to her that i feel shy sometimes too, especially at other peoples’ houses or when i’m at a place and don’t know a lot of people. she was genuinely surprised by that.

i told her that when i feel shy, i just pretend that i’m not. just like when she pretends to be a dog or a cat — she doesn’t turn into one, she’s still herself, but she pretends to do all the things a dog or cat does. likewise, if she feels shy, she can pretend she’s not and do everything she wants to do even while she’s feeling shy at the same time.

with a whole lot of reminding, and a whole slew of initial trials that didn’t pan out, i am proud and eager to announce that posie maeve adora has finally begun to interact with people and enjoy herself while doing it.

she is so so so proud when she feels shy but presses on. we have had many secret conversations in the midst of hard situations but we discuss it, people are patient, and we press on.

she is such an example to me.







1. playing tic tac toe.
2. she realized she was about to win.
3. counting the number of x’s and o’s.
4. a cute sight-word book.
5. tweet-tweet: the bird, perched on a branch, sings a happy song.
6. meow: the cat loves to venture onto the table near fragile objects.
7. woof: a dog might have to pee on a wall. he just can’t help himself.

you can find this book for sale here.



2 comments on “PREPARING POSIE

  1. sonworshiper
    April 23, 2013

    She is adorable. Makes me miss my daughter being so sweet and young. We had favorite silly books too, like What’s For Dinner (answer: all the animals are, it’s kind of terrible). Now she’s mostly sweet, and thankfully still a young lady and not a vile teenage drama queen.

    • Maeve
      April 23, 2013

      I am realizing in my parenting that it takes a certain kind of patience and creativity and grace to raise a sweet child into a sweet teenager. lord help me, and bravo for you and jami!

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