Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


as a mom, i don’t often have time to sit down and write. i usually do most of my thinking while in the middle of parenting or wife-ing or friend-ing or showering.

i have thoughts and ideas and if i remember them by the time i can write them down, i do so. but even then, i can’t always elaborate or expound or work out other parts.

after a couple busy weeks, i start to get a build-up and blockage of my creative inner flow. i can sometimes tend to become a little crazy; a little toxic and start to take it out on my family. over the years, derrick and i have begun to work together to find time for me to do nothing in hopes of something creative coming out of it — which feeds my soul and renews my love for the every day life that also feeds my soul while simultaneously draining it. did ya catch all that?

yesterday, derrick took the bigger kids to buy some seeds and plants for our garden. miraculously, as if God himself was encouraging me to sit down and relax and think and quite possibly write, hesper slept the entire two hours they were gone.

it took me a bit to get out some random, some not-so-random, thoughts and feelings and even more time to tap into my quieter thoughts; all to realize i had nothing profound to say. but i did have something to say, which is enough for me!

Let’s Not Let This Happen Again

sitting by myself is
a rare and lovely thing
it often comes when i’m
no longer a human being

i have become a blob
a monstrous sort of goo
a writhing, wriggling gel
worth nothing more to you

beware i’m viscous now
don’t get too close to me
i’ll drown every single thing
beneath my gummy sea



2 comments on “A POEM

  1. sonworshiper
    April 21, 2013

    Glad you got some quiet moments… If for no other reason than it must be hard to type with blob-hands.

    • Maeve
      April 21, 2013

      hahaha yes, phew! near-disaster!

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