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no, i’m not done posting about disney world. i have at least two (possibly more) posts left to fill up with pictures!

last thursday and friday we all went to epcot. derrick and i went to epcot when we were dating and i really enjoyed it because i hadn’t been in 7 years. it had been about 10 years since we were dating and boy was it different! i really paid attention this time (as i wasn’t only looking into derrick’s eyes with complete puppy-love adoration — sorry, derrick) and i didn’t want my kids to miss a thing.

thursday it was cloudy and chilly, so we decided to do a lot of indoor things that day and go back the next day to see what we missed on the outside.

here are the highlights of day one:














1. teaching my kids at a young age to carry on the japanese tradition of the peace sign.
2. first stop: spaceship earth ride! this is the mural on the outside.
3. the inside: a remake of an old library.
4. about to make our house in the future.
5. derrick and i chose to ride bicycles in the future instead of drive cars.
6. in the game room when the ride is over.
7. first picture i took in japan.
8. waiting to be seated for lunch in japan!
9. quick stop to play before it rained!
10. inside france — an informational video.
11. he’s so cool — note the missing shoe. boy got a blister.
12. gamerz in innoventions.
13. as we left it began to clear up!

such a fun day. stay tuned for more!
don’t forget to check out my instagram for more pictures from our disney stay, and also my vine.



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