Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


yesterday was the first day at a disney park for my children. blaise was already tall enough (at eight years old) to ride every ride that his sixteen year old cousin could ride; she showed him the ropes and by the end of the day, he was well-pleased and exhausted. this boy never complains about aches and pains but he kept telling us that his legs were killing him (in between rides and laughter and happiness). so much walking and fun!

blaise and posie were astounded by disney. at every turn i’d see them with their mouths open gawking at this or that. if i passed by something reflective, i might find myself doing the same. the magic kingdom was all the magic and fantasy i remembered it to be; save one thing:

derrick and i both noticed and remarked on the difference between going to disney world when you’re a kid and going when you’re an adult with your own kids.

here are some of the ways:
there is a lot more waiting around done by the adults than by the children. the children are looking around, eating snacks, playing, goofing off, and the adults are waiting, waiting, waiting. it’s all worth it and also relaxing at times, but boy do we wait (especially the moms with babies)!
you remember too much to be surprised by many things. it serves a good purpose because you can guide your children to the fun and fancy, but i’m thankful it’s been a long time since we visited.
lastly, the food. i remember thinking the disney food must have been sprinkled with pixie dust it tasted so good. that is not the case when you’re an adult. or perhaps, just perhaps, it’s when you live in charleston and eat magical food from its restaurants that no amount of even the finest pixie dust can enrich the taste of the food from an amusement park.

i am not complaining. i simply observed these things. other things i observed:

my three children having one of the best days of their lives — including a little, wide, brown-eyed, truffula-tree-haired, jumping hesper.

i observed blaise, in all his correct, proper, and grandfatherly ways allow the fantasy to take over and enjoy being a kid.

i observed posie cast her fears aside and yield to risky fun, including meeting and talking with jasmine and aladdin.

i watched as we all, my parents-in-law, brother-in-law, niece, my husband, children, my parents, and i, near-seamlessly journeyed our way through the magic kingdom. we were a sight to behold. we all waited our turns, kept our cool, and enjoyed each other.














1. the entrance to disney world!
2. the entrance to magic kingdom.
3. hesper caught some mickey confetti during one of the parades.
4. @cherokeefist (derrick, the husband) meets disney’s token native american.
5. posie waving to the parade.
6. cinderella’s castle.
7. posie meets jasmine and aladdin.
8. posie gets a long hug from jasmine and almost starts crying she’s so happy.
9. above the entrance to the restaurant inside cinderella’s castle.
10. panoramic bear jamboree.
11. flowers all over.
12. beautiful tree just off main street.
13. cinderella’s castle.
14. monorail back to our car.

i realize i have zero pictures of blaise. he was off with my niece a lot, and the times he was with me didn’t seem to line up with being able to take his picture (though i was able to get him in some vine videos). my mom got some pictures of him and i will be sure to post them as soon as possible!



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