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i just realized i haven’t done a “this week” lately, so this one will encompass last week and this week. last, we had a visit from two dear friends of ours. one traveled from derrick’s home state of north carolina and the other from the state of my birth, virginia. in thinking about these friends for this post, i have come to realize how very similar they are. it is actually quite astonishing.

sarcastic, we appreciate sarcasm ’round here
kind, especially with our kids
good-lookin’ men
average height

one is brunette; the other blonde
one is a musician for a living; the other an accountant

derrick and i had such a wonderful time with these two (and our various other friends who joined the group) throughout the weekend. we wrote music, had many conversations sometimes at one time, had belly laughs, ate until we were sick, and even performed three songs we wrote at kudu coffee and craft beer (a local coffee shop).

it was a good time. my heart is full!

*photo taken by alysha

this week we haven’t had much going on so far but boy are we excited to congratulate two friends on their marriage today!!! they have been together for a lot of years now and though in this day and age it’s not extremely popular to get married, we know just how special and rewarding “tying the knot” is and what that means for the years that lay ahead for a relationship you want to last. it’s an honor to witness this union (in our hearts).

we love you M and L!!! ❤ cheers to letting another lay claim to your life, love, and affections.

happy spring!

*stay tuned for a post on marriage, at some point.


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