Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.


originally, i introduced the “Sassy Smith” series to this blog but quickly after the first post i thought, “that’s cool and all, but why? what’s the point? just to show off?” and i wasn’t happy with my answers.

i decided to try something else. so, this time around i’m going for substance. i’d like to introduce an experimental new series to my blog that’s called, “there’s a story”. in which, i’m featuring clothes that have a story (slight or great) behind them or are great thrift store finds. the story isn’t always magical or very interesting, but i find comfort in the references and relevancies that my brain makes known to my consciousness. i hope you enjoy!

hesper loves to be on her belly and roll over onto her back these days. she is getting so strong! the dress she is wearing is one that my mom made for my first easter and dedication. the “hesper” diaper cover and shirt are from good friends.

this is the way she looks at her family. especially her boyfriends — dad and blaise.

posie is a real gem. this dress is from my sister. she got it at the thrift store when she and her family were visiting the east coast this summer. posie has loved it ever since.


my new coat. i love it. it keeps me so warm! the weather can drastically change in charleston in a matter of minutes. such a thing happened one night on a date with my mister. we walked into the restaurant and it was pleasant enough for a blouse and a scarf; when we walked out it was not! but we weren’t ready to go home. we walked over to urban outfitters and i said, “if there is a jacket for less than $20, i’m buying it!” sure enough, this coat was hanging on the sale rack outside the door, the only one there, and it was $9.99!

my colors have been wonky lately. these cheetah print boots are my favorite. these boots are the first thing derrick (my husband) bought for me after the birth of hesper.



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