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this week we’ve had birthdays — two of our friends within the last two days and derrick who turned 31 today!
my handsome mister

some birthday growing-up thoughts:
i find it pretty remarkable that he’s out of his 20s and i’m heading out of mine; quickly. what does it mean to be a grown-up? are we grown up now? am i a woman? i still feel like a girl. maybe a lady is more appropriate. is lady in between girl and woman?
i thought i would feel like a woman when i had my second child. didn’t happen. i thought perhaps after my third. hasn’t happened. what makes one feel like a “woman” in the confident, barely insecure, i-can-do-whatever-i-want-and-i-don’t-care-what-you-think kind of way? does it come natural to some females? does it to any of us or some work on it harder and get to it quicker? is 30 years old what does the trick?

last night we went out for derrick’s birthday, just the two of us. special thanks to our good and beloved friend andrea (aka momdrea — our kids adore her). derrick chose an awesome local restaurant that he’s been to before but i hadn’t.
we ordered their mucetta plate as our appetizer. it was killer. so good!


we both couldn’t resist their noodle bowl for our main course. in it came a whole egg, noodles, pork confit, and sesame seeds. you could also add extra of any of it as well as kimchi, sesame greens and pickled mushrooms. derrick ordered extra pork; i ordered kimchi. i was about to order a second bowl (hungry, nursing mother here, remember?) but decided against it. gallbladder, i want to keep you.


it was such a lovely dinner! so nice to sit there and talk while knowing our kids were just as happy without us.

here’s a picture the fella took of me.

the inside




4 comments on “THIS WEEK

  1. Aoi
    February 21, 2013

    I’m still wondering myself. Thirty is definitely NOT the trick, though maybe 30 combined with 3 kids might do it. I’m heading towards 35 and I’m still waiting for my “woman card.” 😉 I can say that I finally feel like an adult, though!

    • Maeve
      February 21, 2013

      I have begun to feel like an adult, but woman is lost with me. Do you think it’s taught?

      • Aoi
        February 21, 2013

        Hmm. Who can teach us? 🙂

      • Maeve
        February 21, 2013


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