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This is the first time I will attempt to include you in my poetry-writing process. Not that I even know what my writing process is in a definitive way, but there is a certain specific flow my creativity and writing follow which I am beginning to grasp and take strides in developing.

It started with a line (as many do) and quickly became an idea. I tend to “get”(/come up with/think of/have a feeling) a line and often it makes little to no sense to me. I let it sit. Usually within 5-20 minutes I’ll have some substance to elaborate on. There have been many times that it takes weeks or even months to have enough of a thought/idea/feeling to elaborate on. Also, sometimes I just get busy and forget to think!

This week I had a thought while making my morning coffee:
“It did occur to me
In the light of the day of a dream”

Hmmm! What to do with that!
So, I finished making my coffee, took a sip, found a pen and paper (important note: a pen and paper are never too far from reach in my house) and sat down at the table.

During this time, Blaise and Posie, who’d already had breakfast, were playing in the living room and Hesper was napping.

I went with a gut feeling and began the next line with this:
“That what may come (and it will!)
Be it chaos, peace, or a hill”

It sounded pretty close to the same amount of syllables (I like matching the number of syllables for each line, or in a pattern, more often than I like one of my poems in free verse.)

It was 15 each line. Although the first line of the first part had 6 syllables, and the first line of the second part had 7, it flows well still so that is acceptable to me (this time, so far).

It is important for me to not focus on too many details at once, or at the start, or I’ll squelch the momentary inspiration. I can always, and always have to, go back and change little bits here and there as long as I’ve managed to get “the whole” out of my brain and onto the paper! There would be nothing to work with if I limit myself from the start.

Still going with instinct here…:
“Will always be utterly true,
Will always be all of you.”

Right here, the first line is 8 syllables because I’m trying to fit more in. But I haven’t felt like I like a different word than “utterly” in that place yet that is shorter to make the line less syllables. Note: again, not being too picky with myself. I can always go back and change any of the adjectives or adverbs very easily as long as I have on paper the idea/thought/feeling so I don’t lose it before it’s gone.

So, after writing that and letting it sit with me for a few days, I’m not sure I even like the poem. I may change all of it and try to come up with something else from the original idea or I may never get to it!

A few things are for sure:
— I don’t need to feel desperate or hopeless. More inspiration will come!
— It feels good just to write something.
— Being creative in one form bleeds into all other aspects of life.

So, keep calm and write on!


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