Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.

The Caped Pen

This poem came about during a period of time a couple of years ago when I was having trouble writing. I couldn’t find my “voice”. I kept trying to “teach” instead of just writing what I feel; who I am; what I think. I decided to write from the place I was in, rather than the place I wanted to be – right from the middle of my inability to write. This is what came of it.

My signature is dull

My signal, my signal

My head is too full

My skull, My skull

Chipped gray is slow

Ten toes, ten fingers

Clipped tail, clipped low

It shows, it shows

My pen is on paper

Forget it, forget it

It’s Pensive, the caper

My shaper, my shaper


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This entry was posted on April 20, 2012 by in General.
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