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Beach Lover Realized, Again.

Living near the ocean is one of the earliest recognized delights of my heart.

My husband and I have lived in various places since we got married almost 8 years ago. The majority of those places have been inland, and even fewer have been near bodies of water that you would want to swim in.

Two years ago, we moved to the coast of South Carolina. Upon arriving, it was dreary, cold, raining Spring. The beach was my last thought. I was looking forward to being able to take my then 5 year old and 1.5 year old to the park again! They were developing cabin fever, and so was I. I was searching online for YMCAs with pools, water-parks, canoeing down very safe, calm rivers – anything to get them outdoors when the rain stopped!

One day, my husband nonchalantly said, “Man. I can’t wait to go to the beach when it gets warmer. I’ve never lived by the beach!”

Right then, I realized what was amiss. I realized I’d forgotten about the beach. I realized, most importantly, I’d forgotten the deep love in my heart for the beach.

Since going to the beach for the last two summers, I have never again forgotten about it. Here are some, but not all, specifics:

I love getting sandy. I love holding my children after a day at the beach and smelling their brinish hair. I love looking into their faces and seeing tiny speckles of sand all over their perfect skin. I love the soft sound of the ocean when waves aren’t breaking. I love sitting on the sand and feeling my body soak up warmth into every pore that touches it. I love sitting in the sun and feeling like if I don’t get some relief in two seconds I might explode, right before a cloud shades me and gives me some relief. I love the tide pools that form and catch starfish and sand dollars inside of them for us to investigate. I love the care my children take to make sure we never harm any sea creatures. I love that when we’re at the beach, my children aren’t distracted by man-made things and technology, but are genuinely interested in the world around them and explore it. I love kissing my husband’s salty lips.


There’s nothing here to do

Rest; relax; there’s nothing for you

You cannot lift a finger

Because, because of the vast blue

You mustn’t lift a foot

You must stay and rest your head

You’re only allowed to look

Out from your sunned, sand-bed

Think not of one care you have

Think not of an angle to flee

Be calm, don’t count the time

Lie still in our reverie


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