Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.

I do say so myself…

This poem has previously been posted here.

I couldn’t resist posting again, as it is one of my favorites (if I may say so about my own poetry). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Where did your imagination take you when you were young?


I used to climb every tree in sight when I was young.

They were ladders to the sky and every branch a rung.

I would wait for a cloud to surround my little frame,

To float away with the vapor and become the same.

“Please take me up and far away from the home I know

To an island or jungle – the farthest you can go.

I cannot wait to leave here; I do not want to be

Among the mixed, fretful world of those taller than me.”

I leaned back on a rung and thought about whom I’d miss,

Touched my lips to palm and blew my family a kiss.

A cloud floated above me; shaded my squinting eyes.

I couldn’t blink or speak a word for its alarming size.

The cloud then parted and I saw rays of light stream through.

The sunlight surged through my front and out of my back, too.

I felt a warmth inside me burst out from every pore,

And sat there in silence, stunned; for how long – I’m not sure.

I looked up once again; saw the cloud go on its way.

But, the light that flowed into me warms me still today.


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