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First poem for National Poetry Month



Sometimes I dream of the mountaintops

Sometimes I dream of the sea

Sometimes I dream of a farmer’s crops

And what it all means for me

Sometimes I dream of the shining sun

Sometimes I dream of the cold

Sometimes I dream of having fun

And what I’ll be like when I’m old

Sometimes I dream in brightest colors

Sometimes I dream of you

Sometimes I dream of sisters, brothers

And when a dream came true

 *Finland Landscape

2 comments on “First poem for National Poetry Month

  1. dianabletter
    April 13, 2012

    What you’ll be like when you’re old…
    I like that line and the rest of the poem.
    I’m 55 and just love being alive! I keep becoming more me!
    I posted your entry on my blog today, Friday April 12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words!

    • Maeve
      April 23, 2012

      I’ve always wondered this since I was a child. I love getting to know and seeing people who are older than me – what they’re doing, how they differ from their younger selves, what they’ve learned, etc. It’s so fascinating how differently we all age and grow! xo

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