Things to Adore

…a pinhole look into the life of one not-so-ordinary girl.

I have been a busy bee…

Not only am I busy raising my two children, growing a third child, and trying to be creative, but I have decided to consolidate my blogs/shop into this one blog. I have a lot going on and I’d like to make it easy for people and myself to keep things straight (not just people on facebook who get the automatic updates from all over the internet of my poetry, shop, and blog about blaise) but anyone who might come across this.

So, here we are. This is a non-specific “just me” blog. Don’t expect anything grand or insightful… leave that to my poetry or shop, etc. (haha)

But, who knows… Now that I’ve taken myself out of the box, the world is my oyster and I just might have more to say. and think. and do. and take pictures of.

Spring is upon me!

* There are no pictures on my Etsy shop of my handmade goods. So, I will not be posting the address just yet. Coming soon!


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This entry was posted on March 29, 2012 by in General.


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